Freezeoil press-release on entering Ukraine (ENG)

Press release
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 21, 2014, the FreezeOil Fund (“FreezeOil” or the “Fund”) – a Dutch investment foundation, today announced that it was agreed to make an acquisition of and investment in “BRSM-Nafta” (the “Ukrainian Chain” or “BRSM-Nafta”) – one of the largest independent fueling station chains in Ukrainian downstream retail market, combining fuel storage and distribution services.
The Fund has appointed leading local advisory companies for support in this deal. Counselors will be responsible for legal and financial due-diligence of activities and current state of assets. In addition legal counsel will assist with the formalization of the overall structure and preparation of acquisition document ensuring consistency with Ukrainian and International law.
Mr. Roland Pieper, a key initiator of the Fund, commented: “Ukraine has recently made important steps toward closer engagement with the European Union. As previously in my career, I have been studying various investment opportunities in countries such as the Ukraine as they are opening up. We are of the opinion that the Ukrainian market presents a number of key opportunities especially in the telecommunication and energy sectors. Acting as a strategic investor the FreezeOil Fund will provide the Ukrainian Chain with an opportunity not only to expand its business and strengthen its market position in the local markets with the help of advanced business systems and practices, but also to establish strong relations with various new international partners and suppliers”.
Ukrainian Chain
“BRSM-Nafta” – is a national chain of fueling stations established in accordance with highest standards of services and best consumer fuel offering. The Chane was founded in 1995. Within Ukrainian chain structure135 fueling stations (trademark “BRSM-Nafta”), 87 minimarkets, 3 oil storage facilities and 41 automotive pools operate.
The entire assortment of fuels complies with Ukrainian and European quality standards. The company works closely with the most advanced refineries in local (Kremenchug Refinery) and foreign (Mozyr Refinery) markets. There is a consistent quality control for products in place.
Web page of the Ukrainian Chain:
FreezeOil Fund
FreezeOil Foundation is a Dutch-based holding company established for the purpose of investments in the emerging Eastern European energy markets. Besides of other special purpose vehicles of Mr. Roland Pieper (advanced technologies, telecommunications) FreezeOil is organized for the Ukraine in particular. Mr. Roland Pieper is a well-known international entrepreneur, operating in the USA, CIS countries, China and Europe, who believes that success of investments is not granted by only being able to inject right amount of funding but also about the transfer of new knowledge and management skills. FreezeOil plans to attract world best class experts from leading companies like Shell and others alike to operate successfully in target markets of Eastern Europe. This will allow for a strong increase in efficiency of the management and services provided, thereby boosting profitability of operations and return on investments.
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Contact in the Netherlands:
Perlita Fränkel
T: +31 (0)6 546 85 192
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