Press-release II FreezeOil on illigal activities of Biba (ENG)

Press release II

Amsterdam, the Netherlands,
11:00 am March 22, 2017
The FreezeOil Fund (“FreezeOil” or the “Fund”) – a Dutch investment foundation, today
updates on the new course of actions in its activity in Ukraine.

As it was already announced recently by FreezeOil there is a raider attack attempt made on
the assets of the Fund within the chain of fueling stations “BRSM-Nafta” arranged by the coowner
of the network Mr. Andrei Biba. After the fire tragedy at the Vasilkovsky fuel depot
and consequent explosion in the summer of 2015, Biba fled from Ukraine and now hiding in
Italy from police who suspect him guilty for deaths of several people. As a result of the eightday
long fire, six people were died.

On March 17, 2018, the National Police declared Andrei Biba in its wanted list. The
corresponding message appeared in the search base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the
section “Persons who hide from public authorities.” Andrei Biba is charged with fraud in
especially large amounts according to Part 4 of Art. 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and
multiple other crimes starting from money laundry and organized crime and up to tax evasion,
theft and fraud.

Chairman of the Fund Roland Pieper commented: “FreezeOil’s management learned that after
the wanted list announcement Andrei Biba and members of his criminal grouping on March
21, 2018
continued their activity and started a new theme of illegal actions with help of fake
documents. Regardless of currently active criminal cases initiated against him and official
objections of the Fund backed by Ukrainian Court warrant his people initiated changes in
registration of corporate rights and switching of directors in the Fund subsidiaries owning 63
fueling stations. It is known to the Fund that illegal registration actions are made with help of
Mrs. Tretyak Tatyana Vasilievna – the state registrar of the municipal enterprise of the
Malomikhailovsky village council of the Pokrovsky district of the Dnepropetrovsk region
(physically she is in Kiev). This happens despite of the fact that FreezeOil’s corporate rights
were protected by Court arrest made per request of the Foundation. Any registrar officer can
see it online and by the Law must refrain from any actions. To be very specific, according to
the laws of Ukraine, such Court warrant does not allow any change of owners”.

However, it seems that Ukrainian court decision was not an obstacle for a corrupt state
registrar officer. It became obvious now that all police charges against Andrei Biba are
absolutely justified. Through his associates with forgery of documents and with the assistance
of corrupt officials of state registration bodies and notaries, he altered rights for the assets of
the Fund.

As a result of forgery at the state registrar of Ukraine, the new director became Mr. Sergei
Ryazanov, who was convicted in Kharkov for financing organizations related to the Lugansk
and Donetsk republics that are considered terrorists by Kiev authorities. FreezeOil does not
exclude possibility that Andrei Biba is also involved in financing terrorism and involves
corrupt state registrar officers in this process. All the actors are in wanted list or convicted

Management of the Fund points out that: “It is clear now that illegal actions were carried out
by Andrei Biba through his organized criminal group. He managed companies dealing with forged fuel in Ukraine. Some of these companies currently occupy assets of the Fund based on
old long-term rental agreements. FreezeOil appeals to the President of Ukraine Petro
Poroshenko, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, the head of the NABU Artem
Sytnik, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, the Minister of Internal Affairs of
Ukraine Arsen Avakov and especially to the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko
demanding to stop the raider seizure conducted with help of the state registrar and to cancel
all illegal changes.

The Foundation also initiated criminal prosecution of the fugitive Andrei Biba and members of
his criminal group in Italy with the help of Europol. Any current contracts between the
subsidiaries of FreezeOil and any of Andrey Biba’s affiliated entities will be terminated. Police
officers and investigators will have full access to the available materials (documents
confirming money laundering and non-payment of taxes, including payment orders, banks,
companies associated with Andrei Biba, his wife Svetlana Biba and his adopted son Alexander
Belozerov, as well as their proxies) collected by the Fund’s security service, proving the illegal
activities of the criminal group Andrei Biba”.

As noted earlier by the media, the companies belonging to the suspect of fraud with the
trademark “BRSM-Nafta” Andrei Bibe not only killed more than 10 people in the blast at the
Vasilkovsky fuel depot, but also evaded paying taxes to the budget of Ukraine for about 4
billion UAH (over 100 mln. Euro).

Based on the results of investigation conducted by the Main Investigation Department of
Financial Investigations of the Tax Authorities of Ukraine Biba there is a criminal proceedings
No. 32017100040000051 opened on the grounds of crimes provided for in Art. 204 CC (illegal
storage, sale of excisable goods), art. 209 CC legalization of the proceeds of crime by an
organized group, 212 of the Criminal Code (evasion from payment of taxes, fees in especially
large amounts), art. 272 of the Criminal Code (violation of safety rules during the execution of
works with increased danger), 2 tbsp. 366 of the Criminal Code (forgery) against Biba and his

The Foundation claims that it believes in justice in Ukraine, but it reserves its right to appeal
to the European Court of Human Rights, the FATF (International Group Against Money
Laundering) and international organizations combating terrorism.
The Fund is obviously very concerned that assets that clearly belong to a Dutch & European
company can so simply be removed or reassigned by corrupt government officials who are
paid by a Ukrainian criminal hiding in Europe with help of non-visa requirement status.



Ukrainian Chain “BRSM-Nafta” – is a Ukraine national chain of fueling stations currently
controlled by Mr.Biba via his local companies. The chain was founded in 1995. Some stations
are in sole ownership of Biba, others (appx.40%) are rented from third parties, including
subsidiaries of Freezeoil. The operator and the whole chain are currently under several
investigations and some of the assets are arrested by Ukrainian police and Courts.

FreezeOil Fund
FreezeOil Foundation is a Dutch-based holding company established for the purpose of
investments in the emerging Eastern European energy markets. Besides of other special
purpose vehicles of Mr. Roland Pieper (advanced technologies, telecommunications) FreezeOil
is organized for the Ukraine in particular. Mr. Roland Pieper is a well-known international entrepreneur, operating in the USA, CIS countries, China and Europe, who believes that
success of investments is not granted by only being able to inject right amount of funding but
also about the transfer of new knowledge and management skills.

FreezeOil controls several subsidiaries that own fuel stations in Ukraine. In 2016, these
stations were transferred into a long-term lease to a group of companies operating under
BRSM-Nafta brand and controlled by Mr. Biba. In 2017 pperations with corporate rights for
Freezeoil assets were purposefully banned by a decision of Ukrainian Court to protect against
potential illegal actions.

Web page of the Fund:
Contact in the Netherlands:
Perlita Fränkel
T: +31 (0)6 546 85 192

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actual results to differ materially from those contained in our projections or forward-looking statements, including,
among others, general economic conditions, our competitive environment, risks associated with operating in Ukraine,
rapid technological and market change in our industries, as well as many other risks specifically related to BRSMNafta
and its operations.

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