Press-release III FreezeOil on illigal activities of Biba (ENG)

Press release III
Amsterdam, the Netherlands,
10:00 am March 26, 2018
The FreezeOil Fund (“FreezeOil” or the “Fund”) – a Dutch investment foundation, today
updates on the news on defending against raiding attack and further course of actions in
As it was informed on March 21-22, 2018 the Fund was under attack initiated by Mr. Andrei
with help of his organized criminal group and in collaboration with corrupted registrar
officials. The Company took all necessary legal steps by filing case with local Police and
attracting public attention.
Prof.Roland Pieper – Chairman of the Fund – commented on this matter: “We have addressed
this issue to many Ukrainian officials: to the President and Prime Minister, Minister of
Justice and Internal Affairs, Chief Prosecutor and Head of Anticorruption Authority
as well as to the Ambassador of EU in Ukraine
. We also worked in close cooperation with
our new Ambassador of the Netherlands in Ukraine, Mr. Hoeks and Ambassador of
Ukraine in the Netherlands Mr.Chentsov
. It all had a very positive impact on the overall
situation. In addition we received support from the Basketball association of Ukraine,
which we also support among as many of our other social activities. Eventually, we believe
that all efforts of our allies and our legal actions would come to a predictable result of
resolving the situation and returning assets back to the Fund.
We are very grateful to all our allies and supporters, who helped us to reestablish our rights
and thereby proven Ukraine to be friendly toward foreign investors. However the origin of the
problem is not solved. Local system of property registration rights is clearly vulnerable to
manipulation from and by criminals. Therefore we would like to propose to organize a Dutch-
Ukrainian forum
for protection of investments where these issues may be discussed with
professionals and where certain proposals may be developed for the Ukrainian government
and Parliament.”
Thankfully to rapid response from law enforcement authorities and rightful pressure in public
and Ukrainian media the Fund has all reasons to expect rapid recovering of its position.
However Freezeoil will not stop in prosecuting individuals who stood behind the raid and
will continue chasing them both in Ukraine and in Europe. The Fund has already developed
whole program of fighting along with courts, international and local police agencies of Ukraine,
the Netherlands and Italy as well as European Commission and other relevant counselors to
incinerate this international gang once and for good.
Ukrainian Chain “BRSM-Nafta” – is a Ukraine national chain of fueling stations currently
controlled by Mr.Biba via his local companies. The chain was founded in 1995. Some stations
are in sole ownership of Biba, others (appx.40%) are rented from third parties, including
subsidiaries of Freezeoil. The operator and the whole chain are currently under several
investigations and some of the assets are arrested by Ukrainian police and Courts.
FreezeOil Fund
FreezeOil Foundation is a Dutch-based holding company established for the purpose of
investments in the emerging Eastern European energy markets. Besides of other special
purpose vehicles of Mr. Roland Pieper (advanced technologies, telecommunications) FreezeOil
is organized for the Ukraine in particular. Mr. Roland Pieper is a well-known international
entrepreneur, operating in the USA, CIS countries, China and Europe, who believes that
success of investments is not granted by only being able to inject right amount of funding but
also about the transfer of new knowledge and management skills.
FreezeOil controls several subsidiaries that own fuel stations in Ukraine. In 2016, these
stations were transferred into a long-term lease to a group of companies operating under
BRSM-Nafta brand and controlled by Mr. Biba. In 2017 operations with corporate rights for
Freezeoil assets were purposefully banned by a decision of Ukrainian Court to protect against
potential illegal actions.
Web page of the Fund:
Contact in the Netherlands:
Perlita Fränkel
T: +31 (0)6 546 85 192
Letter of Prof. Pieper to the President Poroshenko Mar 2018
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Letter of Prof. Pieper to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Mar 2018
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Letter of Prof. Pieper to the Ambassador of Ukraine in the Netherlands Mar 2018
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