Press-release FreezeOil on fake news in UA press (ENG)

 Press release
Amsterdam, the Netherlands,
10:00 am April 11, 2018
The FreezeOil Fund (“FreezeOil” or the “Fund”) – a Dutch investment foundation, today
updates on the news on defending against raiding attack and further course of actions in Ukraine.
Some unfair local Ukrainian media started campaign against Freezeoil. The Dutch Fund is
outraged by the waves of fake news coming from various Ukrainian internet portals that
defames the image of the Fund, as well as the honor and dignity of its head Roland Pieper. A
scandalous publication with untruthful information about the activities of FreezOil without any
author’s reference appeared almost synchronously on a number of Internet resources that are
already known for their dubious reputation.
“Our Fund has always been acted in accordance with applicable legislation and transparent
business rules. We have always taken an active part in resolving issues related to economic
activity and openly cooperating with the authorities and law enforcement agencies. There
were not a single suspicion or a charge addressed to us from them.” – the Fund’s
representatives say, denying any hints of opacity or illegality of FreezOil activities.
FreezOil admits that such publications are nothing but an attempt to slow down Dutch
investors in their fight against raider attacks on the assets of the fund. As it is known, the
Fund recently informed public on attacks on its assets rented out to the network of fueling
stations, which is operating under the brand “BRSM-Nafta” (owned by Mr. Andrei Biba).
“When it became known to us that an attempt was made to illegally change corporate
ownership rights and directorship in all subsidiaries owning in total 63 fueling stations of
FreezeOil, we immediately appealed to the law enforcement agencies and to the country’s top
leadership. Local General Prosecutor office, National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine
(NABU) and National Police are dealing with this raider’s attack. The process of investigation is
under control of the Administration of the President. Criminal cases were initiated and
investigation activities and seizures are being held against entities and individuals involved.
We are fully transparent and act publicly.” – the Chairman of the Fund Prof.Roland Pieper
“We are disappointed and sorry that fake news trend has hit Ukraine. Any unreliable
information is so easily and cheaply spread by local Internet media. Practice of these fake
publications by certain Ukrainian portals totally destroys any trust what is left for Ukrainian
business and investors, while the country is still trying so hard to gain an image of a state
open for investment. We invoke all Ukrainian media to an objective description of Freezeoil
and its activities. After the Fund has approached several media portals they have deleted fake
information from their pages. It turned out that these publications were made by third parties
via advertisement departments without involvement of journalists and editors. We believe
that Ukrainian media will now diligently study information before it is published at their portals
in order to avoid correspondent court claims from Freezeoil.” – the Fund representative says.
Ukrainian Chain of fueling stations “BRSM-Nafta” – is a Ukraine national network of fuel and
gas stations currently controlled by Mr.Andrei Biba via his local companies. The chain was
founded in 1995. Some stations are in a sole ownership of Biba, others (appx.40%) are
rented from third parties, including subsidiaries of Freezeoil. The operator and the whole chain
are currently under several investigations and some of the assets are arrested by Ukrainian
police and Courts. Mr.Biba himself is in a wanted list of local Ministry of Internal Affairs for
fraud, tax evasion and money laundry and hides in Italy.
FreezeOil Fund
FreezeOil Foundation is a Dutch-based holding company established for the purpose of
investments in the emerging Eastern European energy markets. Besides of other special
purpose vehicles of Mr. Roland Pieper (advanced technologies, telecommunications) FreezeOil
is organized for the Ukraine in particular. Mr. Roland Pieper is a well-known international
entrepreneur, operating in the USA, CIS countries, China and Europe, who believes that
success of investments is not granted by only being able to inject right amount of funding but
also about the transfer of new knowledge and management skills. Before Freezeoil prof.Pieper
was a head or a board member of well-known European and American companies. He led such
companies as AT&T UNIX Systems Laboratories, UB Networks, Tandem Computers, Connekt,
Eclipse Aviation, and 1998-1999 served as executive Vice-President and a member of the
board of Philips Electronics.
Besides of Freezeoil Roland Pieper currently leads cooperative of Dutch Farmers, which has
signed a special cooperation agreement with Ukrainian agencies last December on
establishment of joint crop growing activities. In cooperation with World leading investors
Prof.Pieper is also now investing in a bioethanol project to produce alternative fuels out of
locally produced corn in Ukraine.
FreezeOil controls several subsidiaries that own fuel stations in Ukraine. In 2016, these
stations were legally locked into a long-term lease contracts to a group of companies
operating under BRSM-Nafta brand. In 2017 any operations with corporate ownership rights
for Freezeoil assets were purposefully seized by a special decision of the Ukrainian Court,
which was made by the Fund in order to protect it against potential illegal actions.
Web page of the Fund:
Contact in the Netherlands:
Perlita Fränkel
T: +31 (0)6 546 85 192
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