FreezeOil Fund was established in 2014 through the initiative of its anchor entrepreneur Mr.Roel Pieper.
Roel Pieper graduated, MSc (Ir.) cum laude in mathematics and computer science from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.
Roels professional career began at Software AG in Germany [1980-1989]
Later he occupied numerous positions:
President and CEO of AT&T’s Unix Systems Laboratories [1990-1993],
CEO of UB Networks (Ungermann-Bass Inc) [1993-1995]
CEO of Tandem Computers [1995-1998],
Executive VP & Board Member Philips Electronics [1998-1999]
Chairman and Founder Favonius Ventures [2000-2008]
Chairman Connekt [2001-2007]
Chairman and Founder ROAD Group [2008-2009]
CEO Eclipse Aviation [2008-2009]
CEO PDX [2009-2011]
MD of RiRo Ventures [2012- present]
Professor of Twente Unbiversity (the Netherlands) [2000-2013]
Roel Pieper executed various investment project on areas such as
wireless technology, engines, energy and health care.