Through investments in equity, subordinated debt and mezzanine securities, we invest in renewable energy; traditional energy; fuel distribution and other large scale projects. 
Our target investment profile consists of projects from final development through the operational stages, with minimum exposure to technology, development, and demand risks, in an established and clear regulatory environment. Our primary investment focus is on the Ukrainian market.
Ukraine is an increasingly important strategic partner to the U.S. and Europe. Bioenergy and bioethanol in particular is an economic alternative to gasoline today. Ethanol is produced entirely from sustainable biomass and no waste is produced. It is a step ahead for economic development, realization of plentiful agriculture potential, job creation, and energy independence. In addition, ethanol reduces GHG emissions by 65% compared to oil. In short: Ukraine and a bioethanol committed strategy should be an economic, strategic and social priority in the next few years. Ukraine has plentiful feedstock in wheat and corn by which this strategy creates true value add to its Government in contrast to a simple and lower value pure export driven strategy as is in place currently.