The FreezeOil Fund team members have been in the forefront of infrastructure projects in Eastern Europe for at least 10 years. Most of them have a strong background in accounting, legal and financial disciplines allowing for proper assessment of potential investment opportunities.
Collectively we have gained significant experience and expertise in all aspects of the energy sector, from development through financing to managing large projects.
 We have:
  • Executed various M&A transactions both as a buyer and as a seller;
  • Managed large financial transactions in Western and Eastern Europe;
  • Performed due-diligence, and possess a deep understanding of several major projects in Turkey, Russia and Ukraine;
 Our wealth of experience and our close, long-standing working relationships with key market players provide us with a unique understanding of the needs of both the public and private sectors.
 We bring our experience and know-how to each company in which we invest, enabling the successful execution of complex projects.